Our Engagement Approach

SaS is a novel and unique effort where young people are made creative partners in the fight against this century’s biggest health threat. We use innovative communication and engagement methods to effectively convey the complexities of AMR to the public. Our approach ensures that the project not only empowers our young partners with scientific knowledge but equips them with tools to use this knowledge to promote awareness and action in their sphere of influence. The engagement tools we use include Grassroots Comics, Hands-on activities, discussions with experts, Theatre & Arts Workshop, Informational talks, and Exhibition of the engagement resources created by the participants. These approaches harness the inherent enthusiasm and creativity of young people to convey the complexity of the subject at hand.

The participants in our workshops use the resources they create during the workshops, like comics and stories to further engage with their peers, and community. By their very nature, comics, theatre and art appeal to children and adults alike and make the audience a lot more receptive to the message than a regular awareness campaign. A sense of ownership of the work ensures that the dialogue on antibiotic resistance, initiated during these sessions is sustained beyond the workshop. The engagement resources developed in partnership with our young partners are made freely available to sustain the dialogue on AMR.

We, at SAS, would love to work with other like-minded organisations/individuals working in this space in India, so please reach out to us at sasindia2018@gmail.com